Abeg app download and install for Android and iPhone

Abeg App Nigeria, 2022, Download & Install Abeg On Android And iPhone

If you are in Nigeria, then definitely you may have heard of Abeg App, a new mobile application for sending and receiving money in Nigeria.

If you have not heard of the Abeg app, I strongly suggest you get it on either the Apple App Store (for iPhone) or Google PlayStore (for Android).

I bet you will love it.

What is The Abeg Mobile Application

As I have mentioned above, the Abeg app is a mobile application developed by Abeg Technologies to assist Nigerian send and receive money.

The Abeg mobile application helps you make safe and secure money transfers right on your phone.

How Do I Get The Abeg App In Nigeria?

You can get the Abeg app by downloading it from either Google PlayStore or Apple App store.

Thus, if you are using an Android phone, then you can get Abeg on Google PlayStore.

For iPhone and other Apple devices, you can get the Abeg mobile application on the App store.

How To Download The Abeg App On Google PlayStore?

If you want to download the Abeg App on Google PlayStore, then follow the basic steps below:

1. Open the PlayStore app on your Android phone.

2. In the search box, enter “Abeg”.

3. Hit the search icon.

4. Wait patiently for the PlayStore search engine to come up with a list of suggested applications.

5. In most cases, it will be the first app on the list.

6. Take note of only the app that comes from Abeg Technologies, which, as at the time of writing this guide, was about 17MB.

7. The Abeg Android app also has over 100K downloads on PlayStore.

8. In any case, the Abeg Logo tells it all.

9. When you are certain, click on the “Install” button to download the app.

10. After that, please wait a few seconds or maybe a minute for it to finish downloading.

That is exactly how to download the Abeg app on Google PlayStore in Nigeria.

Also, you can go to the Abeg website and get the links to the mobile applications.

How To Download The Abeg Application On Apple App Store For iPhone

If you want to use the Abeg on your iPhone, then you need to download it from the Apple App Store.

Here is how to do that:

1. To do this, you need to head over to the App Store and search for Abeg.

2. Wait for the apps to load.

3. Select the app with the Abeg Logo and download that.

4. Wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.

That is exactly how to use Abeg on iPhone and other Apple devices.

If you have any issues with Abeg money transfer in Nigeria, then you can leave your query in the comment section below.

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