How Do I Withdraw From MTN Momo

How Do I Withdraw From MTN MoMo, 2022, MTN Mobile Money Withdrawal

Do you want to know how to withdraw money from MTN MoMo? Follow this guide to know the basic steps for withdrawing money from your MTN mobile money account.

It is always some kind of a good feeling when you receive notification of money been sent into your mobile money wallet, but much more is even when you withdraw the amount received.

It places you in an ecstatic position.

What Is The Code For MTN MoMo Withdrawal

The code for MTN MoMo withdrawal is *170#.

There is no directly defined code for withdrawing from your MoMo wallet, but you can use the defined code for carrying out all MTN MoMo operations.

Requirements To Withdraw From MTN MoMo

Before you can make a withdrawal transaction from MTN MoMo, you will need to have these:

  • Valid National ID
  • Phone with your registered SIM for MTN MoMo

Those are the basic requirements to withdraw money from your MTN mobile money account.

How Do I Withdraw From MTN MoMo

To withdraw money from MTN MoMo, follow these steps below:

1. Visit any MoMo corner

2. Provide your phone number and the amount to be withdrawn

3. After providing those details, dial *170#

4. Select option 4, “Allow Cashout.”

5. Select Yes and send to allow cashout

6. You will be asked to provide your ID

7. Wait for a confirmation message on your phone

8. Enter your MM PIN and send

9. Select Yes to confirm the transaction

10. SMS will be sent to you to show your withdrawal transaction

How To Withdraw MTN MoMo Using Token

A token is often used for non-mobile money subscribers to withdraw the money received. It is a set of numbers that greatly facilitates withdrawal transactions for those registered not with MoMo.

To withdraw MTN token, make sure you don’t lose your token,

  • Visit any MoMo agent
  • Provide your phone number
  • He will then request your token, provide it
  • The agent will finalize the process and give you your money

What Are The Charges For MTN Mobile Money Withdrawal

Cash outflow from your MoMo wallet always incurs charges, this amount deducted as charges from the withdrawal amount are allocated as commission for the MoMo agent.

Below is the charges incur for MoMo withdrawal transactions:

  • A charge of Gh¢0.5 is deducted for withdrawal transactions ranging from Gh¢1.00 to Gh¢50.00
  • For withdrawal transactions of exceeding Gh¢50.00, an amount of 1% is a charge on the withdrawal amount

Can Non-MTN Subscribers Receive Money From Mobile Money?

Yes, you do not have to be an MTN Mobile Money subscriber before you can withdraw money.

However, since you are not registered with MTN mobile money, you can only withdraw money using the MTN token code you will receive from a sender.

That is exactly hoe to withdraw money from your MTN mobile money (MoMo) account.

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