MTN Mobile Money To Skrill

MTN Mobile Money To Skrill, 2022, Deposit Money Into Skrill Account Using MoMo

Since the inception of MTN Mobile Money in Ghana, it has crossed beyond the frontiers of Ghana, allowing easy and fast financial transactions between many countries and Ghana.

The days of joining long queues to withdraw money sent from abroad are over. Indeed MTN MoMo has done great work.

What Is Skrill

Skrill is a digital financial platform that provides various services, including; online payment and money transfer.

Since its introduction (in 2001) into the corridors of financial transactions, it has transcended to over 120 countries, with the digital wallet offered in 40 different currencies.

Skrill performs all banking functions, except that it utilizes a more electronic mode.

This means that, unlike local banking institutes, which have physical locations, Skrill has no physical branches.

Hence all transactions are done electronically via the internet.

For the purpose of this write-up, we will focus mainly on how the services of MTN MoMo and Skrill are undertaken.

What Are The Services Offered On Skrill

Skrill offers a wide range of financial operations, including;

  • Online payments: this can be online payment of any kind
  • Money Transfer
  • Cash balance

How To Set Up Skrill Account

Before one can access Skrill and utilizes its financial services, you need to register an account first.

To register a skrill account, follow these steps;

  • Visit skrill’s official website
  • Click on “Register.”
  • Next, a new window will open, allowing you to enter your personal information (name, country, currency, email, and password) to set up the account.
  • Read the terms and conditions and proceed with your registration
  • Click on register
  • After registering, you will be asked to provide additional information such as postal code, city, date of birth, and address.
  • Click next once you are done filling this section
  • You will be asked to provide your phone number to secure your account.
  • Once this is done, a verification code (6- digit) will be sent via SMS
  • Enter your verification code
  • You will verify your account using any of the following, Facebook, your current location.
  • Upon this verification, you will be asked to verify your ID
  • Choose your country and select the type of ID you want to use for verification
  • Upload an image of the front and back of your ID and click on complete
  • Click again on continuing once the images are submitted
  • Upload address document, this can be any of the following; bank statement, utility bill, credit card statement, tax return form, council bill, school enrollment doc, court letter, pension letter, and tenant/lease letter, and click continue
  • Click on continue when the address is submitted

You will receive an email once your process is successful

How Much Skrill Charges for Financial Transactions

1. For deposits, Skrill charges 2.5% of the total deposited amount when using any of the following channels;
VISA cards and Mastercard

Global Payment Services: International Bank Transfers, Bitcoin, Fast Bank Transfer, Rapid Transfer, etc

No charge is incurred when receiving money via Skrill.

No charge is deducted when a transfer is made into your bank account

Online purchases are free. No charges are incur

1.45% of your transactional amount is deducted when sending money to any part of the world using Skrill

How To Send Money From Skrill To MTN Mobile Money Wallet

MTN Ghana is the only platform that allows financial transactions with Skrill via their MoMo channel. Hence it is only customers of MTN who are privy to these services in Ghana.

To do this, follow the steps below;

  1. Log in to your skrill account and click on send
  2. Select the mobile transfer option you want to use
  3. Choose the country and its currency
  4. Enter the amount you want to send
  5. Choose payment method
  6. Enter the receiver’s name and mobile number
  7. Confirm the amount and click on send

How To Deposit Money Into Your Skrill Account

Depositing money into your skrill account can be accomplished via two mainstreams;

1. Using a credit or debit card

2. By bank transfer

Using Credit or Debit Card

To deposit with your credit/debit card, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your skrill account
  2. Select a Credit or debit card from the Deposit section of your account.
  3. Enter your card’s details by clicking the Add card link
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit, select the currency and choose the purpose of the deposit.
  5. You then review and confirm your deposit.

By Using Bank Transfer

To carry out a deposit by bank transfer, follow these steps:

  • Log into your skrill account
  • Select Deposit now under Bank Transfer from the deposit section
  • There will be a display of banking details that will be requested before the transfer can be completed
  • Fill in all the required information and carry out your transaction

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