MTN Mobile Money From UK To Ghana

MTN Mobile Money From UK To Ghana, 2022, Receive Money From UK In Your MOMO

Money transfer via mobile phones has become an everyday thing in our world, especially here in Ghana. It is one of the most fast-growing ventures. It was no mistake that the profit report from MTN Ghana read that they made a profit of over Gh¢ 2billion in the half-year of 2021.

Have you ever been sent money from abroad and have encountered a problem with withdrawing your money, like; joining long queues, lack of required documents to facilitate withdrawal process, network problems, just to name a few?

For the purpose of this money transfer write-up, we shall center our mirror on a financial transaction from the UK to Ghana via the MTN Mobile Money platform.

Requirements To Transfer Money From UK to Ghana

Makes sure before you make the money transfer, the following options are settled;

•The receiver has registered for MTN Mobile Money account
•You have the name the receiver used for the registration
•The mobile number with the receiver has registered the MTN Mobile Money with
Money transfer from the UK to Ghana can be achieved through a medium like;
•Cash pickup
•Mobile money
•Bank transfer
•Digital wallet; such WorldRemit

How Long Does It Take To Send Money From the UK To Ghana

The duration for money transfer transactions to reach the recipient in Ghana varies depending on the channel used in transferring the money.

•For bank transfers; it takes from a day to at most 3 working days
•For cash pickups, it doesn’t take more than a day
•For mobile money transfers, it takes some hours to 24hrs when the transfer was initiated

How To Transfer Money From The UK To Ghana Via MTN Mobile Money

This can be done using various digital wallets, but for the purpose of our talk, we shall limit ourselves to the use of WorldRemit.

To transfer money via this platform from the UK to Ghana;

•You need to create an account with WorldRemit: this can be done by simply visiting
•Click on sign up and follow the procedures to set up an account
Once your account has been set up, follow the steps below to carry out your transaction;
•Visit the WorldRemit homepage
•Choose the country you want to make the transfer to
•Choose your method of sending
•Enter the amount you want to transfer
•A new page will then be open
•Open a WorldRemit account if you do not have one
•Enter your recipient’s details; like recipient name, and mobile number
•Select your payment method– You can choose any of the following,
Bank account
Debit/credit card
iDEAL (web)
•Confirm your payment to finalize the mobile money transfer process
Upon successful transfer, both the sender and the recipient will receive an SMS notifying them of the transaction.

How Much Are The Charges For Transferring Money Using WorldRemit

•Provided it is your first time sending money via this digital platform, there is no charge for the first money transfer. Just use the promo code “FREE.”

•Also, your total payment is determined once you create a transaction.

How Much Can Be Transferred Via WorldRemit

The maximum amount of money that you can transfer via WorldRemit is to Ghana is Gh¢32000.00 every 24 hours.

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