How To Pay Fido Loan With MTN Mobile Money

How To Pay Fido Loan With MTN Mobile Money, 2022, FIDO Repayment

Do you want to know how to pay Fido loan with MTN mobile money? Keep reading this ultimate guide for Fido payment using your MTN MoMo account.

FIDO Credit is one of the household names when it comes to acquiring fast loans and, except you were born today in Ghana, you can say you have not heard about them.

They provide one of the flexible means to borrow money in Ghana for your urgent financial needs. Things you need to get a loan from FIDO are few and once you have acquired the money, you have flexible terms you can use to repay.

What Do You Need To Know About Fido Payment

Payment of Fido loans can be done through three mainstreams, these are:

  • By Cash
  • Through AirtelTigo Money
  • Through MTN Mobile Money (MoMo)

The role of this guide is to elaborate to you how you can pay Fido loans using MTN Mobile Money.

This we will do in the succeeding paragraphs.

MTN Mobile Money has provided a unique customer experience in their way of mobile money.

Almost every financial transaction can be carried out on their MoMo platform, from paying bills, paying fees, bank transactions, among others.

All you need to do is to register for MoMo.

Payment of Fido loan has been made easy with the inception of the mobile money platforms.

This makes it easy for you to pay without necessarily going to the designated bank to make payment.

Even a more serious problem arises if this designated bank does not have a branch near your location.

This means the time for your loan payment will expire, and you will be charged with a penalty fee added to your already existing loan payment amount.

However, you can smile since there is a more comfortable way to execute this function of loan repayment by using MTN Mobile Money anywhere at any time.

It is no little fact MTN used to be tagged as “Everywhere you Go.”

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Requirements To Pay FIDO Loan Using MTN Mobile Money

Below are the things you need to pay FIDO loan using MTN Mobile Money:

1. MTN Mobile Money Account


3. Amount of money you want to pay

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How To Pay Fido Loan Using MTN Mobile Money

This must be done from your wallet.

Follow the steps below to settle your Fido loan repayment to avoid penalty charges successfully:

1. Dial *170#

2. Select option 2 “MomoPay & Paybill”

3. Choose option 2, “Paybill.”

4. Select option 5, “General Payment.”

5. Enter “Fido” as payment code

6. Next, enter the amount

7. Enter Reference

8. Enter your MM PIN to complete the payment

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