What Is The Limit For MTN Momo

What Is The Limit For MTN MoMo, 2022, Know MTN Mobile Money Limit

One of the chief characteristics that define MTN Mobile Money is its reliability- sending money anytime and anywhere. However, within the framework of MTN Mobile Money transactions services, there are transactional boundaries.

These transactional boundaries define the maximum amount that every MoMo account user can transact.

This reality seems to be something that vaporizes into thin air within our settings. Thus to say, many people are aware of these transactional boundaries/limits.

What Is MTN MoMo Limit

MTN MoMo limit is the allowable amount that a MoMo user can transact from their MoMo account. This maximum amount allowed can be daily and sometimes every month.

The daily transaction limit is the maximum amount that can be transacted with your MoMo account, whiles the monthly limit defines the allowable monthly cash flow in/from your account.

This guide serves you with detailed information on the MTN MoMo limit. Buckle your seat belt, and let’s roll.

What Is the Limit For MTN MoMo

This is dependent on the subscriber level you belong to. Subscriber’s levels are categorized based on the information reflecting in their system based on your account.

The subscribers level are in two categories, these are:

1.Tier 1 Subscriber

2.Tier 2 Subscriber

MTN Mobile Money Tier 1 Subscribers

•Your daily limit is Gh¢ 2000.00
•Your monthly limit is Gh¢20000.00
•Your threshold (maximum balance allowed at any time) is Gh¢ 10000.00

MTN Mobile Money Tier 2 Subscribers

•Your daily limit is Gh¢5000.00

•Your monthly limit is Gh¢50000.00

•Your threshold is Gh¢200000.00

What Is The Code To Check MTN MoMo Limit

Use the USSD code *170# to initiate the process of checking your MoMo limit. You must be a registered Mobile Money client to be able to access it on your phone.

How Can I Check My MTN MoMo Limit

This function is very simple. You do not need to walk any meters or make any phone call, as at penning this guide, the only possible available way to check your MoMo limit is to run the MoMo USSD code, *170#.

Follow these steps to check your MoMo limit successfully:

1.Dial and send *170# from your phone

2.Select option 6, “My Wallet,” from the listed options

3.Enter “#” for the next page

4.Select option 8, “Check Wallet Limit,” and send

5.Enter your MM PIN code and send

6.Your MoMo limit is then displayed on your phone screen

Can MTN MoMo Limit Be Change

Yes, your MoMo limit can be changed, which is the sole function of MTN Ghana employees. You need to walk to the nearest MTN office and commence the process.

How Can I Change My MoMo Limit

Changing your MoMo limit will require the following:

•Identification Card used in registering your MoMo account

•A copy of the utility bill bearing your name

•Your bank statement, which is not less than three months

When the requirements above are satisfied:

•Visit any MTN office nationwide

•You will be asked for some documents you used in registering your MoMo account, like the ID you used and some additional documents to commence and complete the process

•This process does not take long to reflect on your MoMo wallet interface

How Long Can It Take To Change Your MoMo Limit

This is quite an easy process, and it does not take more than 24hours once your process is completed.

How Much Does It Cost To Change MoMo Limit

The process involves in changing your MoMo limit at the MTN office does not cost any amount. It is a free process.

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