List Of Apps To Send Money To Nigeria

What Is The Best App To Send Money To Nigeria, 2022, Check The Full List

As money transfers have gone on the smart way, people often people ask am, what is the best app to send money to Nigeria, and in this guide, you will know the best option to choose.

No doubt, there are many options for sending money to Nigeria.

However, the new foreign remittance policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) earlier introduced in December 2020 and later modified in January 2021 states that foreign remittances’ beneficiaries must receive their funds in US Dollars in-person at designated pick-up centers or commercial banks.

Consequent to this laid-down directive of the CBN, only certain officially approved money transfer providers, alias, International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) are permitted to carry out transfer services in the country.

Fortunately, for most of these money transfer providers in Nigeria, you can either register through their websites or download their loan apps that will give you fast and very easy access from any smart device.

In this money transfer guide, we are going to compare the three (3) most recognized and officially approved money transfer providers you can use to send money to Nigeria.

We recommend the following operators for your next transfer.

List Of Apps To Send Money To Nigeria

Below is a list of popular apps you can use to send money to Nigeria:

1. Western Union

2. MoneyGram International

3.Ria Financial

4. Worldremit

Western Union

Western Union money transfer is the largest money transfer company globally. It happens to be our top choice for instant cash transfers to Nigeria because it is largely the payment channel that most conforms to the CBN’s recent policy.

You can send money through the Western Union mobile app, which has excellent ratings on Apple’s App Store (4.8/5 stars) and Google’s Play Store (4.5/5 stars). With the Western Union’s mobile app, you can send money virtually quickly and easily to Nigerians for cash collection.

MoneyGram International

MoneyGram International, after Western Union, is the world’s second-largest money transfer company, with a long and reputable track record of service. In terms of overall service, we’d strongly advise using the MoneyGram mobile app in certain circumstances. The company offers some of the lowest rates for certain currencies and has a long track record of credibility and reliability in Nigeria.

The MoneyGram mobile app is user-friendly and easy to download. To sign-up on the mobile app, create an online account and login. Then tap in how much, how you want to transfer (cash pick-up) and where to, and finally, enter your recipient’s details.

Ria Financial

Ria Financial is also one of the world’s largest money transfer providers and officially approved by the CBN. Ria provides comprehensive currency exchange services via a large network of dedicated shops and affiliate agents worldwide.Best b

Ria Financial’s mobile app does offer a convenient, simple, and fast service.

We recommend their mobile app if you want to send smaller amounts quickly and conveniently, especially if your beneficiary benefits from collecting the funds in cash through a local agent.

That is all we have for you about the best app to send money to Nigeria.

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