Abeg Technologies Nigeria, 2022, The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard of Abeg Technologies and wondering what it is? Do not worry as this is the main focus of this guide.

What is the difference between the Abeg app and Abeg Technologies?

This is one of the questions I have received recently.

I will answer this question fast and to the point.

If you also want to know more about Abeg Technologies, then keep reading this guide.

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What Is Abeg Technologies In Nigeria?

In simple terms, Abeg Technologies is the company that developed the Abeg app.

So the company behind the Abeg app is called Abeg Technologies.

The same company manages other apps, including the Abeg money transfer app.

The technology behind the Abeg application and any other software that the app is built on is the Abeg Technologies.

Who Is The Owner Of Abeg Technologies In Nigeria?

Abeg Technologies is owned by Dare Adekoya, who is the founder of the Abeg app.

The same person who developed the Abeg Technologies is the brain behind the Abeg money transfer application.

Can I Get Employment Or Job At Abeg Technologies?

It is possible to get a job in the company, but since it is not that big and a new company, you may need to send them an email detailing your competencies.

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