Who Qualifies For MTN Mobile Money(MOMO)

Who Qualifies For MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), 2022, Find Out Here

Only time will reveal the advantages mobile money transaction has conferred on to us here in Ghana. Through their Mobile Money (MoMo) services, MTN has created an extended arena for financial operations.

It has created a greater path for the mobility of money. Money can be sent everywhere and at anytime.
The quest of this guide will be narrowed towards who is eligible for MTN Mobile Money.

What Is MTN Mobile Money (MoMo)

MTN Mobile Money is a financial operation platform under the auspices of MTN, which enables subscribers to undertake a wide range of financial operations under feasible conditions with the use of their mobile phone and registered MTN SIM.

It has created a wide range of financial possibilities just at your fingertips. The amazing thing is that MTN MoMo can work on any mobile phone.

Things You Need To Qualify For MTN Mobile Money

To qualify for MTN Mobile Money, these parameters must be satisfied:

•You should possess a mobile phone
•You must be of age 18 and above
•You should have a registered MTN SIM card in your name
•You should have a valid National ID
•You should show proof of residence

How To Qualify For MTN MoMo

Registering for MTN MoMo qualifies you automatically for using the platform. The bulleting below outlines the steps involved in successfully registering for MTN MoMo.

•Go to any MTN MoMo agent shop
•Provide the MOMO agent with all the necessary information (name, date of birth, and residential address) for registering
•Provide your valid national ID to the agent for a picture to be taken
•The agent will capture a picture of you
•You will be asked to enter your 4- digit code known as MM PIN at the final stage of the registration
•An initial deposit of Gh¢5.00 will be asked to be made into your account

Who Qualifies For MTN MoMo

Anyone who has fully exhausted the above requirements for registering MTN mobile money and has registered qualifies for MTN MoMo.

Just registering on the MTN network places you as a potential candidate for using the services provided on the MTN mobile money platform.

Do I Qualify For MTN Mobile Money If I Do Not Have MTN SIM Card

No, anyone who has not an active MTN SIM card does not qualify for MTN Mobile Money usage. This is because MTN Mobile Money is a sole advantage to only those registered with MTN as service providers on their mobile phones.

Do I Qualify For MTN Mobile Money If I Am Outside Ghana

You do not qualify for MTN Mobile Money if you are beyond the boundaries of Ghana. However, this does not imply you cannot make money transactions to a person registered with MTN MoMo in Ghana. Numerous financial platforms ensure that financial transactions can still be carried out between someone registered on MoMo and someone overseas.

Are Kids Qualified For MTN Mobile Money

Unfortunately, kids are not qualified for MTN Mobile Money. MTN Mobile Money qualification is privy to people of 18 years and above.

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