How To Use Cash App In Nigeria

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Are you a resident in Nigeria seeking to use the Cash app? Well, you are not alone, as often people ask me “Can I use Cash App in Nigeria?” It is not far from what you already know, but as the saying goes, “nothing is impossible.

So in this guide, we shall give you details on how to use Cash App in Nigeria.

However, you must know that this information is not for illegal purposes.

Regrettably, Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) isn’t supported for Nigerian users. However, the good news is that you can still open and use the mobile app (Cash App) while in Nigeria.

Alternatively, a VPN is all that is required to bypass the limitation.

The essence of the VPN is not to keep you anonymous but to change the address of your IP to that of a supported country (the US and the UK for now).

Here is a brief but detailed guide on opening and using a Cash App account in Nigeria.

Let’s get started right away!

Requirements To Use Cash App In Nigeria

To use Cahs App in Nigeria, below are the things you need:

1. Cash App account

2. Premium VPN

3. Debit Card

4. Bitcoin wallet address

Get A Premium VPN

As earlier mentioned, for you to beat the odds and get to open a verified Cash App account (despite being a Nigerian), you should be ready to download any common trusted premium VPN (such as Cyberghost, ZPN, ExpressVPN, IpVanish, Nord, etc.) and comply with our step-by-step instructions for opening a verified Cash App account.

Do well to buy a premium VPN because, in most cases, a premium VPN service works better than a free version.

Go on to set your preferred location either to the UK or the US. However, the US is strongly recommended because the UK account has some restrictions.

Register A Cash App Account In Nigeria

Proceed to the Cash App website or download the Cash App application via Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Registering your account via the website is highly recommend. Simply clear the cache and cookie files on the browser for the browser to refresh the connection.

However, if you’re using the app, do not download it from the internet.

Ensure you use Google Play Store or Apple Store, whichever applies to you, because the version from the internet space may contain viruses or malware.

You may download the app while the VPN is unconnected, but ensure it’s connected before you launch the app.

Launch your Cash app and process your registration while your location is still active in the US.

To create a Cash App account, you can use any valid email address or phone number.

Cash App will give you an email or phone number message with a confirmation code a few seconds later. You should have access to your dashboard upon completing your registration.

Debit Card

Upon confirmation, you’ll be asked to provide your debit card details. If you can get a US debit card, that’s great; otherwise, you’ll have to settle for bitcoin transactions.

The basic explanation for this is that you do not have a legitimate bank account in the United States, which will allow you to link it to your Cash App account

If you have been asking “Can I use Cash App in Nigeria” there you have the answer. We shall do our best to add other alternatives you can use the app in case we find one.

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