How to use the Palmpay app

How To Use The Palmpay App, 2022, Ultimate Guide To Using Palmpay Nigeria/Ghana

Have you heard about the Palmpay app and would like to know how it works? You have come to the right place. We will guide you on how to use the Palmpay app to send and receive money from friends and loved ones. You can also use the application to buy airtime and pay your bills very effortlessly.

This article has researched everything you need to understand about the Palmpay and how you can make it through it.

Let first get to understand more about the app.

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What Is The Palmpay App

Palmpay app is designed to help people send and receive money easily and pay bills and buy airtime.

The best part about it is that you will get rewarded for using the app.

After every transaction you make through the app, you earn Palm Points, and you can use the points to earn a discount on future transactions.

Additionally, you get to earn up to N300 after successfully referring a friend to use the app.

The money transfer service was officially launched in 2019, but it was developed in September 2018.

The app offers financial services.

It is a mobile payment app where you can enjoy free transfer of funds if the transaction is a peer to peer.

Besides, the bank transfer fee is reasonable only ₦10.

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How Legit Is Palmpay

The app was approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN); thus, Palmpay is a legit app.

Currently, Palmpay services are available in Ghana and Nigeria and expand its services to other countries in the near future.

Palm pay is owned by Greg Reeves, who is currently CEO.

Now that you have seen that the service is legit in both Ghana and Nigeria, you need to know how to use the Palmpay app for transactions and payment of bills.

How To Use The Palmpay App To Make Or Save Money

You can earn money through Palmpay, and in another two ways, you can save money through Palmpay.

Here are two ways to earn money through the Palmpay app;

1. Join the palm force program. It is free to sign up for palm force. It is the best way to earn money while using the app.

2. Refer your friends and earn. After referral, you can earn up to ₦300. You have to ensure your referrals join through your referrer code and carry on their first transaction.

Equally, you are the person you referred to will benefit as he or she will be awarded 75 points after signing up and another 75 points after carrying their first transaction.

That is basically how to use the Palmpay app for transactions.

Other Ways To Use Palmpay To Make Money Online

Here are the other ways you can save money through the Palmpay:

Earn bonus after purchasing airtime. After using the app to buy airtime, you can earn up to a 10% bonus but inform palm points.

You use the points to save up to 50% on airtime purchase charges.

And that is how to use the Palmpay app.

The other way you can save through this money transfer service is by earning bonuses after using the app to pay your bills.

After using the app to pay your bills, you earn a 5% bonus, which is in the form of palm points, and you can use them to save money when making your next payments.

How Much Can You Earn Through The Palmpay App

The amount you earn depends on your level, the number of referrals you have made, and the number of transactions you have made.

You can monitor the amount you have earned and rewards on the application’s palm force section.

That is all you need to know about how to use the Palmpay app in Nigeria and Ghana.

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