How Can I Activate MTN Momo

How Can I Activate MTN MoMo, 2022, Enable Mobile Money On Your Phone

Do you want to know how to activate MTN MoMo? Keep reading this guide for the basic steps for the MTN mobile money activation.

The increasing use of money nowadays has prompted various ways of ensuring easy accessibility to money and a secured way of carrying out transactions.

In Ghana, one of these many money platforms through which accessible and safe transactions can be established is MTN Mobile Money.

This guide is to serve those who have not yet activate MTN MoMo, to equip them with the needed details towards activating MTN MoMo.

To start with, let us define what it means to activate MTN mobile money.

What Is MTN MoMo Activation

This refers to the episodes of procedures that one follows in other to make MTN mobile money and its services accessible on a mobile phone.

This process span across requirements to the finalization of the registration process.

Now that we know what activation of MTN MoMo entails, let’s steer up the stairway to know how each process is carried out.

For the sake of this write-up, the first process we will consider is the requirement process.

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Requirements For The Activation Of MTN Mobile Money

To activate MTN MoMo, these parameters must be satisfied:

1. You should have a mobile phone

2. You must get an active MTN SIM card

3. You have a valid national ID

4. You should be 18 years and above

With the requirement process well elaborated, let’s tackle the next step in activating MTN mobile money.

This is the center stage of all the procedures you must follow to successfully activate MTN mobile money.

How Can I Activate My MTN MoMo Account

Activating MTN mobile money can be accomplished through any of these channels:

  • Via MoMo agent
  • On the web
  • Via SIM Toolkit app

Activation Of Mobile Money With An Agent

To activate your account with an agent, follow the basic steps below:

1. Visit an accredited MoMo agent with any of your national identification cards

2. Provide the necessary personal bios and other requisite information to the agent

3. The agent will capture all of these details and sign you up for MTN MoMo

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How To Activate MTN MOMO Online

For MoMo activation online, follow the steps below:

1. You need to visit MTN mobile money web page

2. Upon arrival, click on “Register” to commence the process

3. Input your username (which is the number you want to activate MoMo with) and PIN

4. Enter the captcha as seen below your username

5. Enter the password that you received on your phone via SMS

6. Create a new password

7. Type the password again in the space allocated for it

8. Click continue

9. You then authorize the web access from your phone by dialing *126*1#

How To Activate MTN Mobile Money Using SIM ToolKit

If you want to activate your MTN mobile money using the SIM toolkit, then follow the basic steps below:

1. Open My MTN App from your phone
2. Select Mobile Money
3. Select Register
4. Enter your ID number and send
5. Enter a 4 – digit PIN you would want to use as your MM PIN
6. The process is complete.

You will receive a welcome message on your phone

How Long Does It Take To Activate MTN MoMo

Averagely, MTN mobile money activation does not take more than 24 hours.

Except in unexpected situations where MTN MoMo can last over 24 hours for it to be completed once the activation process is done.

What Is The Cost For Activating MTN MoMo

Activating MTN mobile money costs little to no amount.

This amount is often charged by the MoMo agent.

As of now, it does not exceed Gh¢10.00.

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